Genesis & Grace International Publishing House is a platform and home for talented writers who have a story to tell. Authors and aspiring writers who believe they have a solution to society’s most undermined or unresolved issues. We are a publishing house for those who believe they have a message.

Our company is faith-based. We welcome Christian authors and authors who have a strong message to tell. If you have a story to tell, we can help you tell it. So many things set us a part from other companies, and when you become a part us, we show you the perks!

Founded by authors Aldi and Kadijah Essandjo, Genesis & Grace International Publishing House aims to promote the excellence of pure writing, life-changing stories, testimonies and encouraging and uplifting literary works. Named after their two daughters Ariel Genesis & Skylar-Grace, Genesis & Grace Publishing House, along with their owners promise an impeccable journey to publishing your work and earning your royalties.

An idea birthed out of the desire to help many accomplish their dreams, goals and fulfill their calling, our uttermost will is to see your work be well represented, well rounded and excellently promoted. We give you the tools to build a platform, a following and an identity in your calling, craft, talent and writing! All at an unbeatable price!

We are an International publishing house. We publish in many languages including, but not limited to English, French, Spanish and Italian! So many things set us a part. Should you join us, your career as a writer and calling as a divine messenger will quickly shift in the horizons from which you have been called to excel.

Our authors get an amazing journey and package. As of right now, we are only offering one package of excellence that will boost your writing and calling. Check out the “What Our Authors Get” page for more information on this awesome package!

God bless,

Genesis & Grace International Publishing House.